It’s great to come home, close the door, take off your shoes and go back to your own private world. The voices of the outside world gradually disappear and the story of your life is restored.

  • The unique Berber or kilim rug is a work of art, you can actually feel it, lying on it and in its softness. It is an art that keeps your feet warm and can take you to a primitive desert, a dreamlike dream or a distant universe.
  • It is a masterpiece wonder that will transform your home into a haven of tranquility and inspiration. This rug fills the room with life and acts as a talisman, symbolizing our happiness, our dreams, our projects and our relationship. Like old friends or favorite music, this rug enlivens the room, transforming it from four walls into a paradise.
  • This rug is woven from the prestigious New Zealand wool, pure new wool, and has never been spun or made into yarn. it represents only 5% of the world wool production and is considered, in terms of quality and rarity, as the pinnacle of wool, with unmatched comfort and softness, as well as natural resistance to fire, stains. and noises.
  • Since Antiquity, our rugs and poufs have been precious treasures woven with ancient techniques, passed down from mother to daughter. Our luxurious Berber rugs and poufs (also kilim) are woven only by the most talented craftsmen, guardians of ancient and rare weaving and knotting techniques, which allows our rugs to retain their beauty for a long time and to be embellished in over time.
  • Each carpet bears witness to the life of an artist who accomplished many great things in his life and who has preserved his ancestral works from the Paleolithic era. this artist who interacts every day with the wild nature of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco established each step in the creation of this unique work of art. From spinning wool fibers to sculpting and finishing. Respect the Berber knowledge of tradition and ancestors, complete each step completely by hand.

The rug is available in various sizes and is a reinterpretation of the exquisite texture of modern patterns, bringing the historic charm of Berber ancestors into any space.

Berber futons are a great decoration that can bring a sense of craftsmanship to your space. It will literally change the atmosphere in your home. The Moroccan pouffe is the best choice to change your interior decoration from a simple decoration to a bohemian style decoration. Therefore, it can be used in several ways:

  • Boujad floor cushion pouf on the terrace.
  • Berber cushion for all your rooms.
  • Blessed Ouarain cushion in the bedroom.
  • Vintage Berber pouf in the living room.

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